Announcement Regarding Analysis and/or Assessment with Respect to CAPCOM ID

Thank you for using CAPCOM ID.

Recently, noumerous countries and regions have strengthened or added laws and ordinances regarding the handling of data, which may impact our provision of CAPCOM ID services. Our company is committed to providing users with easy-to-use services as well as further improving these services, while firmly abiding by the applicable laws and ordinances. Therefore, in accordance with our above commitment, we will be taking the following measures to continue to provide high-quality CAPCOM ID services:

For countries and regions which its personal data protection law (or regulation) stipulates “analysis or assessment of activities of a natural person” as a requirement for extraterritorial application of such personal data protection law, and our company determines that we are unable to strictly comply with such law, we will not conduct analysis, assessment, or similar actions to personal information of individuals who is in such countries or regions.

Note: Some CAPCOM ID service features may be restricted for users in affected countries and/or regions, because analysis or assessment activities are not conducted. If such restrictions should occur, we will notify you at a separate time.

Thank you for continuing to use CAPCOM ID.
We appreciate your understanding and we hope you continue to enjoy our services.